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Wrestling’s Impact on Football Program

What Wrestling Can Do For Football Players

The suggestion has been made that wrestling programs in high school make for better football players because of the strength conditioning and endurance required for wrestling. Wrestling Coach john Kincade says that wrestling benefits the football program in that way. Kincade was a former Oklahoma State Wrestling Champion. He was hired by Greenwood head Football Coach Rick Jones to come to Greenwood and coach Junior High Football. When wrestling came to Greenwood, (just two years after it started in Arkansas) Kincade was the obvious choice to coach the new sport. “Wrestling makes for stronger football players. The endurance is important. In wrestling, the athlete has to last two whole minutes. There isn’t anything in football that lasts two minutes” says Kincade.

We have visited with Coach Rick Jones about the impact of wrestling on athletics at Greenwood. “It’s a great benefit to us. All of the championship Oklahoma football teams have good wrestling programs. The strength wrestling builds is crucial to a good football program” says Jones, a native of Oklahoma who was inducted this year into the “Oklahoma Coaches Association Hall of Fame.” Jones coached for two decades in Oklahoma before coming to Greenwood in 2004 as head Football Coach.


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