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Where The Buck Stops

The walking trail is one of the plus sides of living in the Greenwood area. My family and I along with several friends us it on a regular basis. It is amazing to all of us that there would ever be an argument about right of ways that were donated by land owners.

In my research of the property in question, is this for real?

No only did this improve the property, but anyone in their right mind welcome a PAVED NATURE TRAIL on or near their property.

The owner should be happy it’s there. In most cities it would have been condemned for not being mowed and attracting animals. I would think this goes deeper than about the land, probably political, but that’s my opinion. I would take advantage of the situation of having it on my property, that I already gave my blessings to, and use it as an opportunity.

I could voice more, but not enough paper. I just wanted to give my support to whomever got the deal done with all thumbs up.

To the squawk of the land donator, take your personal feelings out of the picture and think about your community. Grow up!

Trail User,

Larry Israel 

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