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This Week’s Congregation: Mt. Zion Baptist Church

“We are unapologetically scriptural,” says Pastor Brian Williams of the oldest Baptist Church in Sebastian County (before 1855). 

The highly articulate and sincere Williams- a Ouachita Baptist University attendee- is descended from generations of Greenwood area families and adds, “Being scriptural creates challenges from which we prayerfully benefit.”  Williams, in his seventh year as Pastor, describes a “vacuum of substantive teaching” that Mt. Zion Baptist Church is seeking to fill.

“People are hungry for something in this age of sound bites and social media. That ‘something’ is the word of God and it does not fit in sound bites. It’s a cultural hurdle,” says Williams.

Williams also does not apologize for his preaching style that he says is 150 years old. However, visitors will be interested to find that the music is part classical gospel hymns and part modern.

“Worship Leader Troy Brasher not only likes modern Christian music, he writes and performs a sizable portion of the music that is used in worship. That makes our worship service special,” says Williams.

Some members of the congregation go back generations. The message is working. Gatherings now include an average Sunday attendance of 116 in this country setting “come as you are” church which recently completed “inner city youth mission work” in Memphis. That’s not an inconsistency. This energetic church leader knows that youth outreach is vital to growth and development of the congregation. Williams was, himself, called to preach at age 15.

Services for the congregation of this beautifully rural church are now listed in our directory.

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