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Editorial for February 5, 2014: Two Years in Business

Two years in business thanks to you! We limited ourselves to Greenwood readers when we began this newspaper. It seems Fort Smith and Booneville readers want it too. Fort Smith advertisers want their businesses advertised to Greenwood shoppers. Advertisers love a newspaper that goes out to so many Greenwood addresses. It has worked and it has worked well for two ... Read More »

Editorial for January 22nd, 2014

Well, that’s over…perhaps With respect to City Hall developments, I have been wisely advised to take the “high road” here as some people are expecting leadership and many people expect good things from me and good news in this newspaper. There’s not much traffic on the “high road!” I wish better health to anyone. There. Perhaps progress is in our ... Read More »

Trashed Either Way You Go!

Garbage Contract Beginning to Smell! For those of you who think it is easy being mayor and that all you have to do is “do the right thing,” consider this. Read More »

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