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Editorial for January 28, 2014

Cure for January! “January is the longest month on the calendar.” I’ve heard that all my life. The bills from Christmas just keep coming. With no money left to get through January, what do you do for entertainment? Go see some Bulldog Basketball games and Wrestling matches. Baseball will be starting in March and Bulldogs in every sport deserve your ... Read More »

Editorial for October 22, 2014

Vote on the annexation as if the court system weren’t trying to take away your right to vote! For or against, the ballot box is the way these things should be handled. The ballots have already been printed. Absentee ballots mailed out and some have already been marked and returned. Now headlines confuse the issue about whether we can vote, ... Read More »

Editorial for July 30, 2014

Welcome Home Seniors of ’79! Towns grow. Good ones do. Last week there was a reunion of sorts for the GHS Graduating Class of 1979. Many of them still live around here, but the ones who returned after many years away enjoyed seeing new sights. I was asked to serve as their tour guide as I am only slightly older ... Read More »

Editorial for June 11, 2014

What is this? In case you’ve just joined our readership, this is Greenwood’s “hometown”, home owned, home focused newspaper. We began publishing the newspaper in February 2012. It was an immediate success because it focuses on our great quality of life. You can read the bad news anywhere, so we don’t include stories of murder, rape and child pornographers that ... Read More »

Editorial for May 20, 2014

New Era in Baseball As you have probably heard, Coach Randy Gardner is leaving us with a good record, some great victories to our credit and a good feeling about baseball in our community. He decided it was time for a career change and if he felt that way, then he was probably right. He has been good for a ... Read More »

Editorial for May 7, 2014

Historic Greenwood Each year, I re-read Barington by Greenwood’s own Edward Tatum Wallace about life in Greenwood at the turn of the previous century. There’s a story about someone who made a town joke of himself over his hatred and his venomous opinions of some people and some things. I promise to learn from it myself and hope it helps ... Read More »

Editorial for April 23, 2014

Energy at GHS We attend Greenwood Baseball games. Lots of people do. The crowds are growing.  Greenwood sports fans are bringing their lawn chairs and enjoying some great sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs and supporting the local team. One night this week at a baseball game, we could hear the cheering from the soccer games behind us, the softball game ... Read More »

Editorial for March 19, 2014

We Welcome Your Readership! If you’ve just joined us, this is Greenwood’s hometown, home-owned and locally focused newspaper-sixth issue of the third year. We began this journalism effort to fill a void. People in Greenwood deserved an original newspaper that was not filled with the same articles they’d already read elsewhere. We print twice each month. Our advertisers make it ... Read More »

Editorial for March 5, 2014 It has more detail and more photo opportunities than the hard copy and we hope you will check it out. it will soon have all the back issues online so that you can go back to a story, recover a lost photo, check out an old advertisement or catch me in a lie or mistake!  I’ve been dragged into ... Read More »

Editorial for February 19, 2014

Big Shots in Greenwood! The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) held one of its monthly meetings in Greenwood. They routinely meet in Little Rock with the Director and staff. Occasionally, they are invited out around the state. They’ve all been appointed by the Governor to that commission and they’re all politically savvy folks. Several of them are old friends of ... Read More »

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