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Success is in the Air for 2018–Editorial for January 24th, 2018

Editorial For 1-24-18

Success is in the air for 2018

We no longer live in the shadow of Northwest Arkansas! The River Valley enjoyed a great year to be in  business and to open a business in 2017. That’s good for everybody in 2018.

Here are some of the successes…the Farmers CO-OP in Greenwood exceeded expectations for the year. There’s only one reason for that. Local people shop there because they know and trust the management to treat them fairly, honestly and with the experience needed. They sell very little that can’t be bought a dozen other places, but those other places don’t offer the benefit of dealing with folks your family has known for generations.

FFO had a milestone year per the story on the front page about their 34th anniversary. The untold story is the “Big Number” the company hit in sales this year for the first time ever. The news is not the “number”, it’s that a local company has had the type of success that you read about from other places…  that a local company hit that number. The news is that success is here and not just up there in Northwest Arkansas or Dallas. That’s good for the company, the employees, the region and the people who need to know that a company of any size can be a success right here.

River Valley car dealerships had a banner year. The variety available to car shoppers, the reputation for service and the integrity that generates repeat business has made for a successful 2017 in Greenwood, Fort Smith, Sallisaw, Poteau and Van Buren.

“Upscale” home furnishings, handcrafted items, hand-tooled leather pieces that become family heirlooms are available at Old Fort Furniture in Chaffee Crossing’s historic district. They’re selling furnishings to your friends in Greenwood. That’s one reason that 2018 will be another great year at Old Fort just like 2017 exceeded expectations.

Out in Greenwood

Loyal basketball fans say there’s good basketball be enjoyed locally. If you haven’t been to Bulldog Arena lately for some games, take the word of people who go all the time and take in a game or two. It’s a Greenwood thing to do.

There’s a story in this issue about the GHS Bulldog Wrestling Team. That’s a program that was a success from the very beginning. GHS Head Football Coach is a fan of the wrestling program. He says the strength and conditioning required for wrestling makes for better football players in the fall. A win/win deal if ever there was one. GHS Bulldog Wrestling Coach Kincade began the program with nothing but an idea, some skill and some enthusiastic supporters. Go see why it has enjoyed instant success in Greenwood. Much of the success has been because of the impact Coach Kincade is having on young lives.

What’s Next

Our next issue is the seventh anniversary issue and it will come to you free of charge just like the preceding 145 issues…thanks to the advertisers.

There are things I would never have believed nor understood without experience as a teacher. Who would have believed just seven years ago that Greenwood would have room or make room for two newspapers without anyone lying to you about the news? Who would have believed just seven years ago that Greenwood would have five mayors in five years with only two of them lying to you? Who would have believed just three years ago that Greenwood would have two funeral homes both operating successfully without an unkind word exchanged in the deal?

Well it’s happened. We’ve experienced it. It’s come about because of good people supporting good businesses and the end is not in sight for business nor for government.

That’s one reason the Leaders, Legends and Legacies feature story this month is about our City Council. There’s a down side to being a “bedroom community” that folks don’t’ think about unless they’ve experienced it. It takes a good community of business people and a good city council to share a vision-if there is one-to keep all this going. You see…folks have their own dramas to live. Most of them get up in the morning and go to Fort Smith to work and when they return in the evening, if the toilets still flush and the chug holes are no bigger than they were that morning when they left for work, then they figure it must have been a good day in Greenwood while they were gone.

Well that’s just not always the case. While they were away tending to whatever sustains them, there were serious business decisions to be made. There were businesses that struggled with “what all it takes to stay in business” and how to earn repeat business. There were serious government issues to be dealt with by serious folks in government and there was a huge money-eating school district chugging away at generating scholars, paychecks and the next generation of leaders. All doing a splendid job.

So if you leave Greenwood in the mornings, know that the town’s businesses are left in good hands-so are the kids-and know that the city business is left behind in the hands of a city council dedicated to a great 2018 (our seventh year in publication) in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor

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