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Pryors Visit Greenwood on Campaign Swing

Father and Son Senators Enjoy Statewide Respect

When former United States Senator David Pryor represented Arkansas in Congress, his nickname among other members of congress was “The Southern Gentleman.” His south Arkansas drawl and his love of a good story made him immensely popular and equally as influential because of his non-partisan, reach- across-the-aisle style of politics. “Some of my dearest friends were republican members of congress. Barbara and I would host potluck dinners at our house with both parties attending. I never thought of myself as a party affiliate when it came to getting things done and Senator Mark Pryor (his son and Arkansas’ senior United States Senator) is the same way. People come first, not party. Mark Pryor has forged a coalition of Senators from both parties along with Republican John McCain to get things done and the government moving again” the elder Pryor said in Greenwood this week. The former United States Senator and his wife, Barbara, visited with one hundred or so friends and supporters at Farmers Bank Tuesday afternoon on behalf of their son, United States Senator Mark Pryor who is seeking re-election this fall.

Though highly thought of across Arkansas and leading in some polls, Senator Mark Pryor has come under attack in a barrage of very negative political ads by challenger Tom Cotton. “The race will be close and will be the most expensive race in Arkansas history. Most of these negative ads are being paid for by people from out of state” the former senator advised the crowd.

“Arkansans will vote their own minds-not a political party” Pryor said reminding attentive listeners to Arkansas most interesting election year ever-1968-when voters of this state forgot partisanship and elected Democrat J. William Fulbright for the U.S. Senate, Republican Winthrop Rockefeller for Governor and favored Independent George Wallace for President all on the same ballot. Arkansans make up their own minds.

Spoken more like a statesman and not just a father, the beloved political giant said, “Arkansans have to be proud of the person they voted for when they come out of that voting booth. Senator Mark Pryor has given them every reason to be proud.”

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