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Letters to the Editor – May 7th 2014

Dear Editor,

I have been a resident in Greenwood for many years and I am proud of my hometown.  We have many good citizens who will help in time of need.  I thank God for this country, this state, and this good community. We have so much to be thankful for.  We all should be thankful for the freedoms and advantages we have in Greenwood.

We have a mayoral race coming up.  I am happy we have two good young men who are running for this office.  I think either of these men will do a good job.  I will vote for Doug Kinslow since I have worked with him on several projects.  Also, he has worked for the city for the past seven years and with the present city council.  I hope you all will vote in the election and whoever wins will work for unity and the good for our community.

Yours truly,

Dr. James Burgess

Letter to the Editor,

Residents of Greenwood, I am writing to offer whole hearted support for Alex Selkirk, candidate for Mayor of Greenwood. He will represent the people and town of Greenwood honorably, Alex will have a common sense approach and determination to make a difference for the future of our city.

I ask for you to vote FOR Alex for the following reasons:

1.  He is a good Christian family man.
2.  He is a successful business man. He owns and operates two successful companies.
3.  He has a degree from the University of Arkansas.
4. Alex is a lifelong resident of Greenwood, and a graduate of GHS.
5.  As a young man he attained the rank of Eagle Scout, proving his determination at a very young age.
6.  He has conservative views as it relates to politics.
7. He is forward thinking and will be very determined to work well with our City Council.

For these reasons I respectively ask that you consider voting for Alex Selkirk.

Ed Freeman, Greenwood AR

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