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Community Service Driven Rod Powell

Firefighter, Scout Master, Parks Commissioner, Church Board of Trustees Member, husband, father, business owner and now City Councilman (again!), Rod Powell gives freely of his time and energies to the town he loves. Greenwood is a better place because of his citizenship.

When Rod, a United States Army Veteran, tells the Boy Scouts in Greenwood’s historic Troop #54 that community service is important, he teaches by example. The Troop can take lessons in time management from him as well.

Rod and Jenni Powell moved here in 1995 to build a life and start a business. It’s because this was the perfect place to raise a family. They had no idea of the impact they would make on the community through constant giving of themselves. After their arrival, Rod opened his own business-Greenwood Garage Door. He and Jenni have worked together to make the business a success and that has allowed Rod to get involved in community events and run for office. Rod has served several terms on the Greenwood City Council and now has been called upon to serve there again, filling the unexpired term of a councilman who has moved out of state.

When a meaningful Parks committee was organized in 2007, Rod was serving on the City Council and wanted to work for the betterment of parks and walking trails in Greenwood. He was instrumental in the development of Bell Park into what it is today and singlehandedly lead the movement for the development of the multi-use walking trial throughout town. He worked tirelessly on the Veteran’s Memorial in Greenwood’s Town Square.

For many years, Rod has served on the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department. He has helped to select apparatus and has been a staunch supporter of the Fire Department among City Councilmen. When it became apparent that Greenwood’ s growth had signaled a need for a fulltime fire department with a strong commitment from the City Council for funding, Powell  took action. He stated in a January 2007 budget study session, “City government’s real obligation to the citizens is the basic necessities of water, sewer, public safety and fire protection. Everything else is incidental to that. I will not vote for a budget that does not demonstrate adherence to those items above all else.” That was the day Greenwood made its first real push toward the fulltime, well equipped and well trained Fire Department that we have today.

When Rod left the City Council in 2013, he was the unanimous choice for a spot on the Greenwood Parks Commission. He had been the City Councilman who drafted and championed the Ordinance that   created the Parks Commission so as to insulate parks from the whims of politics in years when a mayor might not share the vision of the community for the advancement of those amenities.

Rod Powel l is the Scoutmaster to Boy Scout Troop #54 in Greenwood. He has led the troop to unprecedented activities in community service. From community-wide cleanups to cleaning brush in overgrown and abandoned country cemeteries, Troop 54 has cleaned parks, built pavilions and bridges and held Flag Retirement Ceremonies on a scale that is impressive in the world of scouting. Rod has taken scouts to the Philmont Ranch and has consulted with numerous young men on Eagle Scout projects in Greenwood.

Rod and Jenni have raised their four children in the Greenwood United Methodist Church. Rod was asked to serve on the Board of Trustees and was elected Chairman. During this time, he has been able to merge the need of the Church to help youth activities with the needs of the scouts to have a sponsoring organization. The Boy Scout hut for Troop #54 is located at the Methodist Church and kept up by Powell. Many Sunday nights will find Rod cleaning the Church vans as a service to the Church after their use by the scouts for various trips.

Rod Powell found inspiration to merge energies while working on projects for the Scouts and the Church. “The late Don Williams had served as the Scoutmaster of Troop #54 for sixteen years. He was the first member of the Church I met when I moved to Greenwood and his community service work through scouting and the Church became an inspiration to me. The more I was around Don Williams, the more amazed I was at how this quiet and unassuming man touched people’s lives through his community service.

Rod and Jenni Powell found a hometown in Greenwood to contribute to and they have raised a family of community minded children. Their son Jerod Powell’s Eagle Scout Project is the beautiful new pavilion in Zachery Park along the walking trail. It is accessed at the intersection of Coker Street and Atlanta Street.

Fortunately for Greenwood and her grateful citizens, leadership is found in the busiest of people.

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