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Amy Barker - Elementary Education

Amy Barker – Elementary Education

The 2015 Greenwood Junior High School “Career Expo” provided freshmen students with opportunities to learn first-hand career information from professionals in fields related to their career interests.   Freshmen students gathered for brief messages from Mr. Cody Chatman, GJHS Principal; Mr. Jerry Efurd, GHS Principal; Mrs. Sheila Lemley and Mrs. Jolynn Dixon, counselors.   Students will use the knowledge gained to make informed career decisions as they set high school and post-secondary education goals during their spring semester.  During the opening assembly, students were also challenged and encouraged by Dr. Sandy Johnson from Johnson Dermatology to incorporate the 7 habits from the Leader in Me series in their daily lives.

From interest questionnaires, students were scheduled to listen to 5 career speakers from the surrounding community.  Careers included the medical profession, veterinary science, interior design, photography, criminal justice, engineering, construction, architecture, education, accounting, and cosmetology as well as others.

Judge Michael Wagner

Judge Michael Wagner

Thank you to Greenwood Schools, community leaders, faculty and staff of GJHS for making this day possible for our students.   Your involvement and passion for your professions will motivate students as they begin the path to career choices and trades.   Your positive leadership makes a difference!

Career Expo is in its’ 2nd year at GJHS.   Career Expo Coordinator – Crystal Sexton

Complete list of Expo Speakers: 

  • April Aguirre, Cosmetologist
  • Tim Akins, FBI Agent
  • Steven Allspach, Computer Engineer/Game Designer
  • Don Bailey, Musician/College Professor
  • Amy Barker, Elementary Education
  • Travis Bartlett, Architect
  • Travis Beshears, Construction Careers
  • Felicia Boling, Military Careers
  • Joe Bridges, Physical Therapist
  • Dr. Larry & Jeania Brown, Dentist/Missionary
  • Alisa Cole, Sonographer
  • Drew Cone, Professional Athlete
  • Audree Cook, Interior Design
  • James Cooper, Mechanical Engineer
  • Lt. Nicholas Driscoll, Police Officer, Criminal Investigator
  • Jacob Embry, Accountant
  • Celeste Holloway, Author
  • Brian Infield, Biologist/Wildlife Officer
  • Deana Infield, Accountant
  • Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Pediatrician
  • Dr. Lee Johnson, Physician and Sports Medicine
  • Brandy Jones, Sonographer
  • Rick Jones, Coach
  • Katie Lejong, Accountant
  • Dr. Pete Leroy, University of Ozarks, College of Health Science Professor
  • Dr. Laura Lynch, Veterinarian
  • Alta Smith, Athletic Trainer
  • Jake Steininger, Graphic Designer
  • Dr. Brett Stone, U of Ozarks, College of Health Science Professor
  • Judge Michael Wagoner, Law Careers
  • Shannon Walker, Photographer
  • Champ Williams, Marine Biologist, Video/Film Producer, Wildlife Photographer
  • Mandi Williams, RN


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