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Sebastian County Judge David Hudson Announces Candidacy

Judge David Hudson

Judge David Hudson

Sebastian County Judge David Hudson announced that he is filing for reelection.  He has 37 years experience in county government and has served as county judge since 1999.  Judge Hudson’s tenure as County Judge reflects conservative financial management while improving services.

Hudson coordinated multi-year budget planning including capital expenditures for $2 million courthouse renovations, $4 million jail expansion and the construction of a new $14.8 million courts facility. These projects were implemented within existing revenues without increasing taxes.

Other capital projects include remodeling the City County Health Department, construction of a safe shelter at Ben Geren Park, remodeling and streetscape of the Greenwood Courthouse, remodeling and upgrading road department buildings and upgrading records storage facilities.

Hudson said that County partnerships with the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority, Chamber, City of Fort Smith and State of Arkansas continue to be a priority to create new jobs and to retain existing jobs

Hudson said plans are in process to upgrade the Sebastian County EMS facility in Greenwood, including the purchase of additional land to support this facility.

Hudson said that county emergency operations will continue to be a priority for his office including emergency response field exercises and tabletop planning sessions.

An updated County Parks Master Plan and the 2010 County Aquatics Feasibility Study  helped guide park improvements including the 2012 Interlocal Agreement with the City of Fort Smith for construction and operation of an $10,900,000 Aquatics Facility at Ben Geren Park.

Hudson implemented improved soccer services, softball services, bike trails, playground equipment and disc golf course at Ben Geren Park to serve families involved in these activities.  Park improvements have also been implemented at East Sebastian Park near Lavaca, the County Park near Midland, and Buckner Park in the Witcherville Community.

Hudson worked with the FCRA Board to expand Ben Geren Park by 42 acres to include Torrain Lake in the county park system, with funding from a State Grant.  This project will be completed in 2014 to include expansion of the paved bike trail to Torrain Lake.

Hudson established a “Sebastian County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee” to monitor jail crowding and implement alternative sentencing or diversion programs.  He supported the implementation and continued operation of Drug Court.

In 2002 Hudson established a county road asphalt overlay program and an aggressive bridge replacement system.  Hudson stated from 1999 to 2011 the county has resealed 628 miles of road, asphalt overlaid 143 miles, constructed and sealed 45 miles, and replaced 46 bridges.

Hudson worked with the Quorum Court to allocate $500,000 in 2011- 2012 to improve the Rural Fire Departments water delivery system to help reduce ISO ratings and lower homeowner insurance premiums.   Hudson and the Quorum Court have assisted fire departments in obtaining grants to build five new fire stations.

As County Judge, Hudson is responsible for administration of County Government including  County Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, Purchasing, Emergency Management and Facilities maintenance.  The County Judge meets monthly with the Quorum Court on budget, legislative and policy matters.  As the chief executive officer of county government, he works with each elected official and their department heads to improve county government services.

Judge Hudson currently serves as Vice President of the Arkansas County Judges Association, served three years as “chair” of the National Association of Counties Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee and was recently appointed to the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Court Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Hudson is married to the former Tracy Moore and they have four children and five grandchildren. He is a deacon in the First Baptist Church Fort Smith.



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