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It’s as Much as You Make of It!

There’s a rule in life about things both good and bad. Take for example “Freedomfest 2012.” Now there is something that simply could not happen just anywhere. Ever since Lance Terry said, “Ken, we can do better than this and I’ll help,” Freedomfest has become a “Greenwood Tradition” without equal in this part of the country. It’s a hometown, small town, feel good volunteer effort to put a best foot forward and it grows every year. The bands love the way they are treated, the families love the “kid-friendly” atmosphere, the patriotic love the all-American theme and local pride swells and for good reason. If you are not involved every year, you should be. My sincere “thank you” goes to those who make it as much as it is. It’s a “proud to be from Greenwood” kind of experience.

When a faux pas is committed or someone gets carried away with themselves having some cruel fun at the expense of the President of the United States, then that too becomes only as much as someone wants to make of it. Put your energies into something productive. Opportunities abound.

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