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Hatred Must Stop! Join me.

Hatred is only as much as you make of it too. It’s running deep her in small circle of loud people. Somewhere along the way, this notion developed: If we disagree politically, then we must hate each other. Well, I’ve tried to think of someone I would waste my time and energy on to hate and I can’t think of anyone. Why? Hate destroys from within. I don’t have the time or energy to devote to hatred. There are those whom I avoid at all cost, those in whom I can find no redeeming value, those with whom I will not likely agree on much, but the hatred in this town has to stop. Recently, hatred was used as an excuse to insult the Governor and give the whole town a black eye. The very person who said the President of the United States should be respected because he is the President of the United States refused to show up and greet the Governor of this state. He is the Governor of this state whether you like his friend Ken Edwards or not. That’s not only letting hatred blur your clear lack of vision, it’s childish. It’s like refusing to shake hands when one is extended to you because you determined to make matters worse than you’ve already made them. There is no end to that kind of game and you’re gonna lose that one.

So here’s what I suggest. Starting right now, join me and my family in ignoring what you think you hate and replacing that with something good for the community-energy toward something positive. I buy ink by the barrel and I like to write about efforts to build a better Greenwood. I prefer it. That’s what this newspaper was founded to do… brag about what’s good in Greenwood. If you’re involved in something good with no harm intended to anyone, let me know about it. That’s much more fun to write about and I am going to write about it either way.

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