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Greenwood Tradition Celebrates Second Anniversary

Second Anniversary Issue: the news and the future of your hometown newspaper!

Loyal and satisfied advertisers have made possible another year for your home owned, home focused hometown newspaper. In a day and time when newspapers are going out of business, the Greenwood Tradition is growing in popularity and demand. Growth is the big news in this, our secondary anniversary issue:

The Greenwood Tradition is also available online!!…

Now you can get the news about Greenwood, Arkansas anywhere in the world where internet service is available. Our online version of your hometown newspaper will be updated between issues of the printed paper.  As a reader, you’ll enjoy the convenience of updates and more photos. As an advertiser, you’ll know that your advertising dollar is reaching the world beyond Greenwood in addition to being a part of our local history and the local business community.

Not limited to “subscribers”

Our sincere thanks to readers and advertisers who have confirmed the need for a newspaper focused on our community and reporting the good news about life in Greenwood. The extra good news for readers and advertisers alike is that access to the website is NOT only limited to subscribers. The websites of many newspapers are restricted to subscribers of the newspaper and we understand that. However, we want the world to know about our news and our involvement in the local business community and our bringing the goods and product of the world’s markets to your computer or phone. We want the world outside of Greenwood to know about the goods and services available at Greenwood businesses and we will not sell or limit access to our website!

This next logical step in the growth of our business is “content driven.” Share with us the news of your local civic organizations, your church groups and your community service. Those updates will appear between the printed issues that will continue twice each month on schedule.

Whole Text Available

In addition to the online versions update between issues, the original whole text of the bi-monthly printed issues will be available to readers. It will be just like the one in your hand. This is intended as an added benefit to readers and to smaller advertisers who purchase ads in the printed newspaper, but who want the additional exposure to online readers. If a small advertiser has a web address in their printed ad, it will be seen by readers of the online version as well.

The Greenwood Tradition’s owners, publishers and editor look forward to another year of service to Greenwood and appreciate your support and your business as we launch this exciting new online service.

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