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Free Ads for Merchant’s Holiday Open House

The Greenwood Tradition is establishing some new policies about advertising and community involvement that include the local Merchant’s Holiday Open House and our refusal to accept advertising paid for with A & P (advertising and promotion tax) money. We take the position that A&P tax money should not be spent IN Greenwood. It should be spent drawing spenders TO Greenwood. More about all that in the editorial column in this issue on page two.

The Annual Greenwood Merchant’s Holiday Open House is scheduled for November 23. The Greenwood Tradition for November 19 will include a page featuring free ads for those merchants participating in the Merchant’s Holiday Open House. We will gladly feature the name, business logo, store front photo or merchandise photo from each of the participating merchants free of charge as a small “thank you” to the Greenwood business community. We salute the efforts of these merchants trying to do something for the local economy and we want to help.

We feel that a good hometown newspaper should give back in support of local merchants, local sales tax collections and promote a prosperous business climate. That builds a better community. We shop at home for most all items. We are a locally owned, family owned small business just like most of those participating in the Merchant’s Holiday Open House and we promote “Shop in Greenwood.”

So, whether you have ever advertised with us or not, please contact us at 479-252-1203 or contact event coordinator Khristi Phillips at Greenwood Flowers & Gifts at 479-996-6262 to let us know that you will be participating in this annual Greenwood tradition. Our email address in on page 2.


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