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Happy New Year!

We hope your holidays have been as happy as ours. This begins our sixth year in publication we recommit to some of the basic tenets with which we began our publishing venture. These are basic facts…

Family-friendly Hometown newspaper…

First, there will always be a place for a hometown, home-owned, home focused newspaper even in this day and time when newspapers are going out of business all over the country. Ours is growing. More people are reading it and that’s why more businesses are advertising in it. We now go to more addresses than ever before.

Second, we don’t print stories or ads that are not family-friendly. You need not hide this publication from your children or from their great-grandparents. No liquor ads. No tobacco ads. No sex pills or anything like that are advertised in these pages.

The good news about life hereabouts…

Third, we love to tell the good news about living in Greenwood and the surrounding area. You can read about the assaults, child pornographers and such elsewhere. We know it’s out there, but, no one likes reading that stuff alongside feel-good stories like civic improvements, high achieving kids, scout troops and volunteers. The news items that try your soul come every few minutes on your phone, your computer or your radio and by the time we could print them, they wouldn’t be news anymore anyway, so why should we bother when there is so much good stuff to tell.

No tax dollars go to support this newspaper…

Fourth, we don’t take money from City Hall. No tax dollars go to support this publication. No legal notices, no arrest details and no homage owed to anyone in government. When the local Advertising and Promotion tax dollars are spent in Greenwood, we print the news about that for free.

Free obituaries…free access to website…

Fifth, this newspaper comes to you free of charge courtesy of the advertisers who want it put in your mailbox. There is no charge for getting on our web-site either. There is no charge for the printing of obituaries. A death in our community is news and we don’t charge you to tell you the news.

Circulation figures you should ask about when buying advertising…

Sixth, get your money’s worth when you buy newspaper advertising. Before you spend money on newspaper advertising, ask, “How many newspapers do you print? Who gets it? How do your circulation figures this year compare to last year’s numbers and years before that? Increasing or declining?…The Greenwood Tradition is now sent to some 4,500 addresses in Greenwood and is delivered by hand to some 1,000 addresses in the Greenwood/Jenny Lind/Rye Hill/Riley Farm areas. There is no comparison when it comes to getting your advertising message out to area consumers.

So, we begin our sixth year with these same values that have defined us since Volume 1 Number 1 came off the press. They have served us well.

We make mistakes and we try to correct them in the next issue. We love what we do and we thank you for your continued support of the effort. The news is yours, the pleasure is ours and the mistakes are all mine. Some have been simple misstatements. Some have been misspellings. One of them, legendary.

We are fortunate to have a community where there is good news to tell. That’s one of the basic facts about life in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor

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