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Editorial for May 20, 2014

New Era in Baseball

As you have probably heard, Coach Randy Gardner is leaving us with a good record, some great victories to our credit and a good feeling about baseball in our community. He decided it was time for a career change and if he felt that way, then he was probably right. He has been good for a newspaper to work with and we take a certain pride in helping get bigger crowds out to see the games. We wish Coach Gardner all the best.

Monday evening a packed house was introduced to our new baseball coach. Trey Holloway will usher in a new era in baseball in Greenwood. He is sincere. He is highly thought of. His players, the fans and the school district will, no doubt, see changes suggesting baseball is about to take on a new meaning in Greenwood. We will be there to promote it and look forward to seeing you there too.

“This not accidental”

That’s what a friend said to me a few years ago about all the titles, successes, trophies and awards our kids get in the Greenwood schools. As a community, we are doing something right. Winning isn’t any easier for us. Top performance is just expected of scholars and athletes here. Football Coach Rick Jones’ stirring speech “There’s a reason some towns win!” resonates in my mind with every issue we print; another title, another championship, another team on the road to finals, grade points that have few rivals…Let’s put that same effort into the appearance of the community, the cooperation in city government, support for civic groups and the Boys & Girls Club. Let’s see if we can-as a community-learn something from our “performance driven” children.


We live in a world of readily recognizable symbols. One soft drink has a logo that is known around the world. Same with one sports apparel company, one German automobile, U.S. currency symbol ($)and one cross and one fish. We recognize the symbol without needing to read the name. It’s called “branding” in the marketing industry.

Our children grow up surrounded by those icons and know what they stand for.  There are some “golden arches” and a “red barn and silo” featured on the insert in this issue congratulating GHS graduates. If you’re a youngster most anywhere in the world, you know what those golden arches mean and if you grew up in Greenwood, then you are just as familiar with the red barn and silo. The Greenwood Tradition appreciates what both of those business icons stands for and for making the expensive insert in this issue possible.  Our Greenwood Tradition masthead and signature lamp post may not be as familiar to you as McDonald’s golden arches and Farmers Bank’s red barn, but we’re trying and we’re trying to stand for something in your life as well.

Another iconic symbol…

Go look at the Town Square and the Veterans Memorial. It’s decked out for Memorial Day in honor of lots of freedoms that were costly. The square is decorated with, clothed in and enhanced by the American Flag.

In this world of icons, emblems, trademarks and logos, that flag is the only universally recognized symbol of freedom on earth today. Where ever that flag flies, the statement is sent forth that the ground, ship, plane, rocket, park, building, tank or jeep where that flag is on display is a place where freedom is guaranteed, where human rights are respected, where equality will be striven for and where individual liberties will be respected even at the cost of spilling blood. It’s worth repeating…”the only universally recognized symbol of freedom on earth today.”

Have a safe, happy and thought filled Memorial Day weekend courtesy of those who have defended that flag.


That most sacred and little used right…the vote…had its day yesterday. Greenwood stayed away from the poles in record numbers. Only 1500 voters were persuaded by signs, billboards, waiving and door knocking to actually go vote.  Was the decision not important? The choices not appealing? The need not sufficient?  The same old nonsense all over again? Something that should have been important was evidently viewed as not all that crucial to the grand scheme of things. The results, the apathy, the potential-great or small-we will just have to live with. In the case of the new mayor, perhaps more voters will care in November when we will elect a mayor all over again. If you don’t like the way things are running or who is running or that someone isn’t running, then I have a suggestion for you. Cure your apathy before November. Get involved in your community. Be a part of Greenwood and not apart from Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,


Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor


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