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Editorial for March 5, 2014

It has more detail and more photo opportunities than the hard copy and we hope you will check it out. it will soon have all the back issues online so that you can go back to a story, recover a lost photo, check out an old advertisement or catch me in a lie or mistake!  I’ve been dragged into the 21st century with all this and it is a work in progress…much like myself.

Who’s Running

Two candidates have filed with complete paperwork to run for Mayor of Greenwood, not three as reported elsewhere. Sufficient valid signatures will keep Jason Teague out of the race. We’ll have more details about that race in upcoming issues and in time to share some facts. Most Sebastian County officials are running unopposed. They will win! We will too. They have each served us well. County Assessor Becky Yandell has drawn area real estate appraiser Ken Colley as an opponent. County Treasurer Judith Miller will be challenged by Republican Steve Hotz. As one JP (Quorum Court Member) did not file to run for re-election and no one filed to run against him, that seat will be filled by an appointment from the Governor. The “People” will not get to vote on a candidate in that seat.

Longtime political figure Jim Perry, a Democrat, will challenge Republican Jim Medley-the incumbent-for JP District 7 and area Constable Cleason Cotton will be challenged by Independent candidate Steven Wiley for the constabulary post.

Who’s Not Running

I was the first to criticize the notion of having a special election in May. The “winner” will no sooner be sworn in than announce they’re running again in November. There is nothing for a mayor to do between May and November, but to run for office on your money. It’s ridiculous. The council was threatened with litigation, scared by the City Attorney who was obligated to give options and consequences and all the possibilities and at that point, we were bullied into an election that no one wanted except those who had a candidate they wanted to see in there. When it looked like there would be no special election in May, one candidate took the matter in stride and said, “Looks like I will have more time to meet the people.” Another candidate said nothing at all. But the handlers and strategists threw fits. The City Attorney was then forced to explain some remote possibilities and now, we have an election…or two…or four, given the potential for run-off’s.

I thought the idea insane and still do and have said so. We will elect someone-qualified or not-for the position, let them campaign for seven months while drawing a City pay check and do the same thing all over again in the fall. If the same one gets elected in November so be it. If a different one gets elected in November, the “May Mayor” will for sure and certain do absolutely nothing in November and December but sit there and draw a paycheck and you and I will be paying for that too.

Makes one wonder why it was so important to have an election. The laws of the State of Arkansas do not specifically say when to have the special election. The City Council was willing to leave it to November. They are a good City Council…the best we’ve ever had and I hope voters will remember that in November. None of them wanted an election in May.

I have criticized it from the start and to turn around and run in it would be hypocritical. I cannot criticize the silly notion of having an election and then run in it.

Spring Sports

Baseball is in the air…cold air! Last year, Sabrina and I sat in the flurrying snow to watch the first baseball game of the season. We never thought that could happen again. While scientists debate whether the weather is changing, Greenwood’s “Bulldogs of the Diamond” are getting a season started that’s changing attitudes about spring sports. You’re not only invited to attend some great games, you’re also invited to “support the sport” to the level that you can. We’ve seen crowds increasing at Baseball games in the last few years. Fans are getting into the act and The Greenwood Tradition is proud to be a media-partner in getting those crowds out.  School Gets the Gate: The money from admissions to the games goes to the school district. The concessions and sales of sports apparel goes to the Baseball Booster Club along with your contributions. Those parents and friends need your support for travel, equipment and unforeseen expenses each year. When a Greenwood High School Baseball player asks you for some help, remember that there is a reason he’s asking. And in the meantime, keep the lawn chairs in the trunk of your car so that you’re always ready to come out for grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and Bulldogs and some really impressive baseball this season. Bulldog Baseball is great sports entertainment and the hardworking kids deserve your support.

Greenwood is noted to some extent for being loyal to those who make us proud through their efforts, their abilities and their successes. We’ll have the biggest crowds at Jonesboro this next week-win or lose-and we’ll be proud of our players. It’s been that way throughout basketball season where ever we travel. Our spring sports are deserving of your support as loyal fans where loyalty still counts for something and where folks are friends to whatever kids are doing in  Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor  


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