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Editorial for March 19, 2014

We Welcome Your Readership!

If you’ve just joined us, this is Greenwood’s hometown, home-owned and locally focused newspaper-sixth issue of the third year. We began this journalism effort to fill a void. People in Greenwood deserved an original newspaper that was not filled with the same articles they’d already read elsewhere.

We print twice each month. Our advertisers make it possible to put this publication into the hands of nearly every household in Greenwood, many in Jenny Lind and lots of Rye Hill households. You can get extra copies for free at Speed-E-Mart in Greenwood, the Pizza Barn, JAM Mart in Greenwood and at the Greenwood Library. While the cost of some newspapers is increasing for some reason, our advertisers make it possible to give you all the free copies you need. Our online news can be found at and back issues are being loaded to that website.

We are committed to bringing you stories about the good news, progress and successes of those who make life in Greenwood interesting. Your scout troop, Bible Class, civic organization and volunteer efforts are proudly presented in these pages with other local news as well as the never ending successes of the Greenwood schools. To that end, we offer the best and most extensive in sports coverage and sports photos. We’re proud of the color photography and the sharp images found herein.

The feedback has been great. The readers appreciate the effort and the advertisers are pleased with the results. If your business is not advertising here, it should.

The editorial column is always right here and we invite your views. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the editor and not The Greenwood Tradition nor its corporate ownership. There will occasional mistakes-hopefully few-and I take sole responsibility for them.

More than Another Victory! It’s a Greenwood Tradition!

Basketball season ended Saturday in the Hot Springs Convention Center. We saw friends from other towns and schools, got to visit with people from all over who were there to support their schools and they all had one thing to say, “Greenwood is in the house alright and here to win!” I got to visit with Charleston friends, Little Rock friends and never was so proud when they all commented that, Greenwood brought fans, sports writers, its sports broadcaster-Tim Terry, “The Voice of the Bulldogs” and more noise, spirit squad members and admirers than anyone Hot Springs had experienced. That’s showing up “Greenwood style” and that…along with big wins are “Greenwood traditions!”

Greenwood’s Lady Bulldogs won the 6A State Championship, defeating Parkview High School. The stands were full of familiar faces and that’s just one of the great things about the way Greenwood supports its teams regardless of how good the season has been for them. School administrators, school board members, business and community leaders and proud parents were all focused on possibilities. The moment belonged to Greenwood and the court belonged to the Lady Bulldogs and their Coaches, Clay Reeves, Paul Dean and Ronnie Williams. Congratulations Lady Bulldogs…and Congratulations Megan Hartness-MVP of the Championship Game!!

Spring Sports

We get lots of compliments on our sports coverage. Richard White does an excellent job for us and we appreciate him. This issue contains several great stories on the Spring Sports and the clarity of the color photos is a matter of pride for us. Enjoy.

Another Great Program

The South Sebastian County Historical Society just keeps finding things to share about the heritage of our area. This week it was trains that served the coal mining industry.

There was a time when all tracks led to Greenwood! The trains came here by the hundreds, took out railroad cars by the thousands loaded with coal by the hundreds of thousands of tons. It was said, “Greenwood was where the railroads stopped and politics began”! The fame we earned for supplying coal didn’t last. One elderly lady suggested…”just think if we’d only left the coal in the ground and sent train loads of politicians out”…the fame earned for that might well have lasted!

Lawn and Garden Show

Expo’s and trade shows like the “Lawn and Garden Show” this weekend showcase what the area has to offer the weekend gardener, the landscape architect, the urban planner and the guy looking for a project or planning a new home. The exhibitors include some folks from Greenwood. Go see the show. Knowing what’s available from local vendors is one way to help the local economy. It’s about horticulture and it’s about commerce. It’s a full scale effort to show you that whatever you want to spend your hard earned money on is available from local people who deserve your patronage.

City Clerk/Treasurer and the Growing Cost of Finance

While most of the City’s concerns resolved themselves in January, the front page article brings to light that there are still some problems at City Hall. Once upon a time, the duties of the clerk and treasurer were merged…to save money. But then a Finance Director was hired to report to the Mayor which costs more than having a clerk and a treasurer…didn’t save money. The Clerk/Treasurer makes nearly as much as the mayor and the Finance Director makes more. The Finance Director needs more and more help and the Clerk/Treasurer still does not handle or report city finances…she types. The Finance Director answers only to the Mayor who-in most cases-wouldn’t know if finances are being handled accurately or not. There is no requirement that the mayor even be able to add. That’s why the pay scale range Ordinance is so badly needed.

Let’s elect a City Treasurer and pay that department whatever it costs to do the job accurately and honestly and elect a City Clerk and pay them what it should cost to type minutes and record documents. That way we get accountability and our money’s worth. I am not suggesting for one minute that anyone is dishonest, even in light of the shenanigan played last Monday night. But the Treasurer who handles the finances should answer to the people and the Clerk shouldn’t make as much as the mayor for typing minutes…that’s some expensive typing by the standards of the average wage earner in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for kinder tomorrow,


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