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Editorial for June 21st

Long Overdue Tributes

There’s story on the front page and an ad on the back page in this issue about the upcoming rodeo in Greenwood. Kelly Hendrix is the subject of a salute for all his years of giving to this community and it’s nice that the Greenwood Round-Up Club is honoring Kelly this year. That’s long overdue.

The Leaders, Legends and Legacies feature story in this issue is about Greenwood’s historically bad water problem, it’s historic remedy and the history-making who folks who played a part in the solution. It’s always dangerous to name folks who deserve credit, but there are some whom history might forget it I didn’t mention them for special thanks.

The story mentions the intellectual contributions of a known intellectual who volunteered thousands of hours calculating possibilities, documenting strategies, collecting data and presenting it in an understandable way.

He was never elected to do that, never was paid to do that, never made guarantees and to the best of my knowledge, was never thanked. He’s no water expert. No political kingmaker. Had no ambition to have anything named after him. He wasn’t always right, but he was always willing. He articulated solutions and lent a highly educated thinking man’s brutally honest scientific application to problem solving. He was not in need of a plaque for his office wall. Has plenty. He was a part of research, part of  gathering resources, part of applying pressure and part of priceless negotiations when called upon.

There were others involved in the “water solution” and the article herein mentions many of them. To them all, our thanks.

But what of the future? Were all our water issues solved forever? Clearly not. Hopefully, the future is a big place with lots of room for mistakes and problems and solutions. The larger water related issue is just over the horizon and we have a Water/Wastewater Commission poised to make even bigger history. It’s a part of our growth as a city as well as a part of the encroachment of other cities and the demise of some cities that are not growing. Look at the map. Communities to the east and west are growing and those to the south of us are not. Remember when Hackett was dead. Hartford and Mansfield were not. Look at them now. No growth in Mansfield. Waldron is nearly gone. Struggling in Hartford. But, Hackett is now just outside the back door of Fort Smith, the rural countryside is growing faster than these cities. That’s foretelling of the way things will be, just over the horizon.

Drive east to Booneville. It’s struggling. The loss of jobs is crippling. Then go over the hill and take Highway 22 back from Charleston to Fort Smith and see where the growth is, and yet there never were many jobs in Charleston to begin with. It takes no crystal ball to see where all this is headed. Just some foresight. As a developing town, we are always one move away from “checkmate” to keep us growing and not lose what we hold dear.

The Water/Wastewater Commission is in the driver’s seat here and our community as we know it is at stake in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain.

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor

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