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Editorial for January 22nd, 2014

Well, that’s over…perhaps

With respect to City Hall developments, I have been wisely advised to take the “high road” here as some people are expecting leadership and many people expect good things from me and good news in this newspaper. There’s not much traffic on the “high road!” I wish better health to anyone. There. Perhaps progress is in our near future.  Until there is news to print-and there probably will be-that and the brief mention on the front page is all you will read about the matter in The Greenwood Tradition.

Congratulations on the Negotiations

With a tax passed and no set price in writing for the purchase of the old post office facility, the wrangling began. Chief Dawson at a disadvantage…he had told us what he was going to buy with our tax money and the administration had not allowed him to get a set price in writing.

Foy H. Brown owned the property and knew how much he needed to get for it. He also knew how the Chief had to have the property. He could have gouged us…really gouged us. But this is Foy Brown who is from generations of Greenwood and has freely given…really given, to this community all his life.  (I specifically remember us getting 400 truckloads of shale for the walking trail and never getting a bill for it!) Foy and the Chief sat down and hammered out a fair deal. We’re all the better for it.

What Lesson, what a loss.

The writer in Ecclesiastes in around 300 BC (probably NOT Solomon) tells us that “to everything there is a season.” Such was the life of H.B. Stewart, Jr. For my Coach and dear friend, everything indeed had a season. There was Football season, Basketball season and even when his Cardinals were painful to watch, there was Baseball season. Greenwood’s “man for all seasons” also taught us that there are things that know NO season…things like loyalty to family, to friends, to school and service to the community and to his Church. Things like being depended upon to be good humored, always having a great story, and being humble-always humble, giving more than taking and being honest, sincere and committed and never granting oneself the luxury of showing much temperament. This is how one gets big buildings named after them.

The crowd of about a thousand at H.B. Stewart Bulldog Arena last Monday was not there to hear anything new about Coach Stewart. They were there because of all they already knew about him. He spent a career making people proud to know him, proud to play for him, proud to work with him. That knows no season.

In the last few months, I referred to him in this column as being “only extraordinarily talented at being himself.” But if you were H.B. Stewart, that was talent enough.  Fortunately, we did a “Legends” story on
Coach Stewart last year. In it, I referred to him as an “Icon.” At the coffee shop the next morning he asked in typical good humor. ”Ken, is an ‘icon’ a good thing?” Indeed it is, Coach. Indeed it is.

The Year Ahead. 2014 as a “Good News Year”

Our next issue on February 5, 2014 will be the second anniversary edition of your hometown newspaper that is still locally owned and locally focused. We have learned a good bit about the industry and how to serve our readers and our advertisers and we hope to put the knowledge to good use! We have exciting announcements in that upcoming issue as to future plans with some minor changes. What will not change is the commitment to our coverage of the news or the devotion we have developed for promoting the good life in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor

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