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Editorial for February 5, 2014: Two Years in Business

Two years in business thanks to you!

We limited ourselves to Greenwood readers when we began this newspaper. It seems Fort Smith and Booneville readers want it too. Fort Smith advertisers want their businesses advertised to Greenwood shoppers. Advertisers love a newspaper that goes out to so many Greenwood addresses. It has worked and it has worked well for two years now. We wanted to offer the most to readers and to advertisers alike, so the online version of The Greenwood Tradition is launched with this, our second anniversary issue. Go to Now readers can enjoy their hometown newspaper on their phones and computers anywhere in the world and without subscribing to anything.

Two years ago, Sabrina and I took a leap of faith entering a new business. Like so many new business start-ups, there were and continue to be unexpected setbacks, challenges and mistakes. Your support, your prayers and your patronage has made a business out of an idea. Many of you took that leap of faith with us and this seems a good time to say “thank you.” It’s been a pleasure to serve you and a blessing to make a living telling you good news about this community.  The advertisers make that possible and we hope you will continue to patronize them.

What We’ve Learned

We entered this business thinking that we had to put competition out of business in order to stay in business. That is simply not the case. We do something entirely different than our competitors. We put out an entirely different product and for an entirely different reason. We peacefully co-exist and routinely extend courtesies to one another. Who knew?

I have told you all along “the mistakes are all mine.” Some have been comical. The very first issue failed to correct some captions when the photos changed. We reported a basketball player “defending” when she very clearly was dribbling the ball! Somehow in this electronic world, a word is deleted. It happens, but it shouldn’t. An omitted word is sometimes worse than the wrong word…a “water plant” and a “water treatment plant” are two different things! I added years to one woman’s life by saying she graduated years before she did. We’re still friends. My favorite was the December issues that misspelled “December” and no one said a word!! Seems Decemeber readers enjoyed the paper and were too busy to notice or were too kind to mention!

There was a time when I “redlined” other newspapers as I found mistakes. I no longer do that. I misspelled “Decemeber” on our front page and they misspelled “recieved” on theirs…it’s a fast paced, last minute deadline business and mistakes are gonna happen!! One business owner offered to proofread for me. I might have taken them up on it, but the sign on the front of their own establishment contains a misspelling. Seems they were closed on “Thrusday”!

“Politician” for hire

It’s the time of year when politicos and office seekers make announcements. The partisan types…as if there were a “democrat” or “republican” way to arrest someone, or stamp something or pave a road…must file to run in party primaries. So everyone else jumps in and makes announcements too. It’s a long time until November for some of these/us folks. One even lists his occupation as “politician” even though he has never run for anything nor ever been elected to anything. I hope the words “public servant” read better!!

Later this Month

Attendance is growing at winter sports events in Greenwood. The players, parents, school district and its coaches appreciate your support. We are working on a special segment for the next issue about how one of those sports is impacting lives.

City Council

This week, the Greenwood City Council considered and rejected a push to have a special election. Our mayor’s office is vacant and no one seems to notice except those few wanting to have a special election.

If the law says “shall have an election” then I’m sure we shall…Just not now…with a general election in November. It takes guts to stand up for common sense. It’s happening at the state level too. No special election for the vacant Lieutenant Governor’s seat.

One feature of the City Council meeting that was most impressive was the report of the Annexation Committee. Cities grow. Good ones do. Hopefully this one will grow in well planned, well thought out ways. I complimented Robert McKinney Monday evening after his remarks to the Council. He and Steve Ratterree presented reasoned, rational, cogent and concise facts to the council. It’s been hard work. It’s involved tedium and it’s not been popular. But, what the committee has presented has been factual and honest and devoid of slant or spin. Regardless of where one stands on the issue of annexation, we know that the facts have been gathered, the concerns researched and the presentation fair.

When the next map of our community is drawn, we can know that our growth was not accidental or haphazard in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor


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