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Editorial for April 23, 2014

Energy at GHS

We attend Greenwood Baseball games. Lots of people do. The crowds are growing.  Greenwood sports fans are bringing their lawn chairs and enjoying some great sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs and supporting the local team.

One night this week at a baseball game, we could hear the cheering from the soccer games behind us, the softball game beyond the fence and we could see tennis matches beyond the softball fields. There was a gathering at the same time at the PAC. The whole campus throbbed like a diesel with the energy of goings on at the GHS campus. Greenwood people were roaming from one event to another and a Southside High School fan asked, “Is it like this every night?” Nearly. What a great place.

Thank you East Hills

I was asked by Mrs. Woody and Mrs. Williams to speak to the Arkansas History Classes last week about the history and development of Arkansas’ culture and economy as impacted by the Civil War. The students were courteous and inquisitive, well behaved and kind enough to be attentive and appreciative of the effort. I spent the entire day at East Hills and I’m happy to report that someone out there is doing something right. (Several someone’s).  Parents are sending great kids to our schools and fine teachers are making us look really good. Thank you East Hills for a very nice experience.

46 Years

April 19th marked the forty-sixth anniversary of the day everything changed in Greenwood by the whim of a tornado. It was aptly and eloquently pointed then out that, tornadoes-though destructive and horrifying-are not evil. The only evil would have been man failing to respond with all possible vigor to rebuild, replenish and renew commitment. Man did. And just look at us now.

You will note that the clock tower on the Town Square shows 3:15 in memory of those lost and the re-building spirit found. Awakened from over a hundred years of peaceful slumber was the spirit inside us that built what we see today. But, “Greenwood” is a work in progress. We are reminded of that every time a new family moves to town.

Open Heart

For Dr. James Burgess, it’s not giving, it’s “giving back.” He was honored by Delta Dental, a non-profit insurance concern last week for a very small portion of all he have given his profession through volunteer activities at the Community Dental Center in Fort Smith. Dr. Burgess and numerous other dentists volunteer their time and talents to the less fortunate there. The story is in this issue.

Backpack Volunteers

This community is blessed with great churches. Getting to know all the local clergy while preparing the stories for the church page has been a blessing to me. The various volunteer activities at local churches are a testimonial to the giving spirit of Greenwood. The Furniture Barn and Food Pantry at the Church of the Nazarene, the Food Pantry at the Greenwood Assembly of God, the clothes closets and helping hands of these congregations and others make you feel good about our community. A favorite childhood memory of mine is that nearly every night the lights were on at the Methodist Church in Greenwood. It was either AA, scouts, Choir practice, prayer meeting or some such nearly every night. Some nights, all those things were going on at once. So many things happening for the community stood out in my mind even then. The Backpack Program begun by Greenwood volunteer Don Williams is featured in this issue. There are 180 kids each week who receive one of those sacks of snacks for the weekend. They probably don’t know where the sacks comes from, they probably don’t know about all the volunteer programs, but, I hope kids notice what I did about churches and I hope it becomes a part of their collective memories about their hometown…that something is always happening at church and that the church lights always seem to be on in Greenwood, Arkansas where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,


Kenneth Lawton Edwards, editor


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