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Editorial 3/8/17

Editorial for 3-8-17

Business in Greenwood and around our area faced the January blues right after Christmas. January is hard on everyone. Stores have to restock, shoppers are tired and those who aren’t tired are getting the bills for what they spent at Christmas. January is tough for business. Advertisers report that this year wasn’t so bad. Winter lasted only a week and folks got right back out there spending again. It was good for business and good for us. We all thank you.

The next big season is the much-looked-forward-to 90 days for those who sell big ticket items like furniture, high-end lawnmowers, home improvement items, sporting goods and boats…it’s income tax refund time. Car dealers are competing with those selling all these upper end retail items and there are some merchants who say it’s their busiest time. The best deals are available right now. Shop carefully and you can pick up some of the best bargains since “Black Friday.”

This issue includes the details on some of the area’s best merchants for those higher end items. A retailer who has been in the business for a while is likely to still be in the business next year when you need service on the item. Building business relationships will serve anyone better in the long run than a better price will on any given day. Anyone in retail sales will tell you that the internet has made experts on price and availability out of the average shopper. From diamonds to dishwashers, every buyer now knows everything about a product and what it ought to cost, where it can be gotten cheaper and who has the most of them. There are things the internet will not tell you. Online it is seldom mentioned what service is like after the sale, how long a business has been the leader in a product, how many children in area schools has that retailer raised, what that retailer pays in sales taxes to his/her community, what property taxes that retailer contributes to the local schools, how they support the local police, football team or scout troops. It’s in all our best interests for the future to shop at home. Buy from established merchants and those who muster the temerity to open a new business in our home town.

Undefeated Teams

Greenwood Junior High School Girls Basketball Coach Ronnie Williams has three teams that each went  undefeated this year: a seventh grade team, an eighth grade team and a ninth grade team. As a friend of mine says when Greenwood wins another title, “This is not random!” There was a story in the last issue written before tournament season about the successes the teams were enjoying. We wanted to bring this to the attention of our readers and Crain Kia wanted to play a part in that. There is mention on the front page and the big photos on the back page, courtesy of Crain Kia-a loyal supporter of Greenwood schools and Greenwood athletics.

In his characteristically understated way, Coach Williams deflected any of the credit for the successes of these teams and credited their hard work, their natural ability and then came the big line, We enjoyed incredible parental support this year. The stands would be full of supporters. Parents traveled and spent lots of weekends and lots of dollars supporting these teams. It has made all of this possible.” There you have it from a guy successful at coaching and successful at being humble. In an “H.B. Stewart kind of way”, he quickly gave the impression that all he does is show up for work every day and the kids take it from there.

In his 37th year of coaching (eleven of them in Greenwood where he was raised by great parents) Coach Williams put three teams in the record books. Congratulations to Coach Ronnie Williams, his teams and to those parents he refers to…and thank you Crain Kia for the support!

Shane Powell…Eagle Scout

There is a story on the front page about Greenwood’s latest Eagle Scout. The recent award ceremony recently made it official. We did a story back during the holidays about the new Santa House courtesy of Shane’s Eagle Scout project. It’s a beauty and no other community of which we are aware has anything like it. In the “Greenwood tradition of things”, Shane, his parents, grandparents, his scout leader-father Rod Powell, his helpful friends and his community can take great pride in another outstanding young man making another outstanding contribution that improves the quality of life in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor

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