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Editorial 2/8/17

Editorial for 2-8-17 for Valley

We’re Open For Business!

Nearly every advertiser reports a good start to the new year. There is always a lull right after Christmas, but then the indicators begin to show how the year will turn out.

As a community, the River Valley in general and Greenwood in specific, are pretty loyal when it comes to shopping at home. I began this discussion in the last editorial and generated lots of comments. We must encourage local businesses. The sales taxes they pay to City Hall go to pay for improvements in city services. Without those services, residential construction stops and that impacts our outstanding schools. Make no mistake about it, we are all in this together. Shop at home! It matters.

I mentioned Meryl Ware’s store The WareHouse in the last Editorial column as well. She began her store as a stall in an antique mall sort of space, grew it to a full-blown retail location and has now expanded into a larger building. She has only been able to do that because of folks who shop at home. She and retail merchants like her send a message to others that this is a place to open a business. That bodes well for the entire community.

That’s why the front page of this publication will always take any opportunity to boast about business expansion, business openings and business news. It’s as simple as this, without business prosperity, there is no other news to print except for some bad news in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor

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