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Editorial 2/22/17

Editorial for February 22, 2017

Five years ago, Sabrina and I came to the conclusion that Greenwood needed a newspaper that was all about the good things happening here. It’s an interesting time to go into the newspaper business. Newspapers are closing all over this country. Big news comes on your phone, TV, computer or radio as it happens. Social media makes you privy to the most private thoughts of your “friends”, so why start a newspaper? That’s just it. Friends want to know what you care about. What makes living in your skin or your town something you’re proud of and want to share. The idea was thus hatched that if we keep it local, about news, about people you know or should know or should want to know, then it was a service to the community.

Subscription based newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. Those publications have to show potential advertisers who all gets that newspaper in order to sell ads to potential advertisers. Their numbers are declining and they will continue to do so. (About 50% drop over the past ten years.)

We don’t sell subscriptions. We send it to nearly everyone. We hand deliver it to even more addresses. In the end, there are more people “getting” our newspaper than all others combined in the Greenwood area. That’s why it is so popular with advertisers. That popularity allows us to send it to you free of charge for five years now and we look forward to another year in business.

So what to put into the newspaper? What constitutes news? A ten-point buck? A 7-pound cabbage at the fair? We’ve seen it all in the newspapers, but if it’s news to them, then it’s probably news to you too. Then there is the issue of bad news or news about bad people. It’s out there and we all know it and we all know where to go read about all that. Since entering this business, I’ve seen things in photos and print in newspapers that I could not believe served the community well. (Some editors are obsessed with crime scene tape and I just don’t see what that does for Greenwood, Arkansas.)

Then there is the business side of things. Unlike most people in the newspaper business, we know what it is like to start a business in a small town. To that end, we actively support business start-ups and promote shopping in the River Valley where possible. It’s good for us all.

To the folks who supported the effort, our undying gratitude. To the folks who said it wouldn’t work…you may be right in time, but, for now it’s working well enough that you’re reading this!

We have taken some “stands” along the way and we’ve softened some of them. It comes with maturity. Or age. It frees up some energy to work on new projects that we look forward to launching this year that we think will make The Greenwood Tradition a more meaningful part of our collective past and daily life for us all in Greenwood, Arkansas, where I remain,

Yours for a kinder tomorrow,

Kenneth Lawton Edwards, Editor

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