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City Council Member Sheds Light on Special Election

Remarks of City Councilman AC Brown Regarding Special Election.

When the Council was faced with the issue of having a Special Election, I figured that’s exactly what we, as a council, needed to do.

Then I saw how our State Government addressed the issue with the Lt. Governor.  I thought it was a logical, common sense approach. I thought that we as a City might have alternatives as well and avoid the burden of having potentially 4 elections for Mayor within eight months.

Last week, I spent 3 days at the Municipal League Convention. While there, I spoke with 3 different people from the Municipal League regarding our situation. After consulting with them & going over the State Statutes with them, it was derived that there was no maximum time limit to setting the date for a Special Election only minimum time limits – and consequently no urgency to move with haste. But still, a Special Election needed to be called.

So I thought setting the date to coincide with the General Election in November would spare those candidates that would be running for Mayor the expense, the time, and the emotional wear and tear of campaigning for 2 elections & possibly 2 run-off elections.

But it appears that is not the case. I believe the statutes regarding vacancy in the Mayor’s office and the corresponding Special Election need to be improved upon, and I will work with the Municipal League in trying to get that accomplished.

In the meantime, I will defer to our City Attorney’ s opinion and recommend that we adopt the ordinance for the May 20th Special Election.

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