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Church News: Valley View Church of Christ, A Place in the Community

Church News: Valley View Church of Christ, A Place in the Community

Last year when Adam Hollinsaid was getting used to the community, he and his congregation at Valley View decided that the community needed to get used to them. Used to them being there, sharing, evangelizing and serving the community.

Valley View Church of Christ

Adam Hollinsaid preaches at Valley View Church of Christ

Hollinsaid’s arrival in Greenwood was the product of his family’s dynamics. His son came down from Wisconsin to look at Harding University. The prospective Bible major fell in love with the state, said, “This is it. This is where I want to be.” Hollinsaid says, “My wife looked on line at some church leadership possibilities and we discovered Greenwood. So, the whole family moved down here and we love it. This is a great congregation of Christians to serve. They’re just great and the ‘core’ of this church congregation is very large for a church of this size.”

Holllinsaid and his wife-a teacher’s aide at East Hills-had served smaller churches in Wisconsin before making the move south. His background is in management and finance.

Valley View Church of Christ has a regular attendance of 130-150 on Sundays and the Wednesday night service is unusually large. “We looked at what we wanted to do about Wednesdays” says Hollinsaid. “We decided to make the evening easier for people. We serve a meal. Everyone throws in a dollar and we are enjoying 80% of the congregation being here for the Wednesday night Bible Study, meal and fellowship.”

Hollinsaid says that building relationships in the community is the focus for this year. “Getting the word out and building personal relationships is important. We want as a church family to move into the community and have an impact.”

That goal got off to a great start this year when the Valley View congregation decided to help some needy children during the holidays. “It just kept getting bigger and bigger and we found that we could help more and more children in need and it turned into an ‘Angel Tree’ program that provided gifts to about 70 children. Since Christmas is something we preach every day, this was a great opportunity. You read about it then participate in it. The birth of Jesus Christ caused much excitement for the heavenly host and for the Jewish nation. This was a way of participating in the excitement it caused. People signed up to help and each child got not only essentials, but gifts and a personal Christmas card made by a family of children in our congregation.”

Holinsaid-a veteran of the United States Marine Corps Reserves-has especially nice things to say about the youth of the congregation. They meet for devotional and fellowship and in large numbers. It helps to take the peer pressure out of their lives. When you see other young people lead Christian lives, it eases the path you. We make better kids by putting them together with other good kids.” And, Hollinsaid adds, “Kids are very evangelical. They do not have to be coached. It’s organic with them…it comes natural for them to tell their friends, ‘You too can be a part of this’ and they get together all the time. ”

Details about worship services and contact information for Valley View Church of Christ are set out in our Church Directory on this page.

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