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Church News: 5-7-2014

Church News: 5-7-2014

*Editor’s Note: This is a different sort of ministry, but, it’s timely and it’s another example of the ways a Church can get involved with people instead of people getting involved with the Church. The group meets on the lawn of the historic “Harper House” at the Greenwood United Methodist Church. The gardener releases weekly tips and is available to help with gardening advice. You might try it. We’ve all seen it inscribed in stone that “One’s closer to GOD in a garden than anywhere else on the earth.”

If your congregation, Bible Study group or Sunday School Class is doing something that’s news, let us know. Next issue will be a reminder that the local motorcycle ministry is giving back to the community and will be have “Barbeque Cook-Off” soon to raise money for local needs.

ChurchNews5714Will your garden spot get too much or too little sun this summer? “Yes it’s possible for your vegetable garden to get too much sun even though the plants require ‘full sun’,” says Linda Wyatt.

Wyatt is a master gardener and instructor for the small family gardening course that started last Saturday, May 3 at Greenwood United Methodist Church.

“If you’ve noticed your plants wilting, browning, or no longer producing in the heat of summer while you’re watering adequately, your garden is getting too much sun and too much heat,” Wyatt says.

“I selected my garden spot before my master gardener training. I didn’t realize that full sun means six to eight hours of sun daily. I thought it meant that the sun shines there all the time. My spot gets sun from around nine in the morning to seven in the evening. That’s ten hours a day. I have to shade my garden for at least two hours from the mid-day sun,” Wyatt says.

“The time of day that your garden gets sun also matters because morning sun isn’t as hot and doesn’t give off as much radiation as does mid-day and afternoon sun,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt will cover these aspects of lighting and how to best plan your garden to utilize them in the second class of her small family gardening course. It meets in the Harper House yard at the corner of Denver and Main streets.

The Greenwood United Methodist Church sponsors the free class. It meets each Saturday through June 7, from 9 to 11 a.m.

For more information, telephone Wyatt at 252-0602.

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