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The Grand Slam of Turkey Hunting

The Grand Slam of Turkey Hunting There are competitions designed to get hunters into the outdoors. There’s a “Grand Slam” of big game. A “Grand Slam” of hunting most species of domestic game. Within certain species, there are “Grand Slams” that require travel about the country to see new sights, meet new people and experience the great outdoors. One example ... Read More »

Outdoor News 4-12-17

  Outdoor news for 4-12-17 Outdoor News for the Week of Easter: A Pilgrimage to the Land Where Jesus Walked Thousands of Christians travel to the Holy Land each year to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and discover the land of the Bible. A group from Greenwood made the trek some years ago and included Greenwood’s Harold and ... Read More »

Outdoor News – An African Experience: Mickey McAnally’s 2014 Hunt in South Africa

Mickey McAnally and a Blue Wildebeest taken in the Limpopo Provence of South Africa on September 8, 2014.

An African Experience: Mickey McAnally’s 2014 Hunt in South Africa Greenwood native Mickey McAnally had been on an African safari before. His trip to Namibia, Africa in 2012 assured him that there was more he wanted to experience there and more animals he wanted to hunt. Harold and Patti Smith encouraged Mickey and Rhonda McAnally to attend the Dallas Safari ... Read More »

Outdoor News – Safari Outfitter and Guides Visit Greenwood

Harold Smith (L) with Andre Nel and Drum Beukes of Somerby Outfitters of South Africa.  Harold hosts annually and event where forty or so can visit one-on-one with these expert guides to plan custom designed safaris.  Nel and Beukes are in the US for six weeks making presentations to potential clients who are gathering information about safaris.

Harold Smith hosted an event last week at Bell Park’s Senator Ed Wilkinson Pavilion to introduce friends and potential Safari enthusiasts to his guide and outfitter of choice-Somerby Safaris of Kestal, South Africa. Some forty outdoorsmen, adventure seekers and potential travelers attended the event including several who have hunted dangerous game with this service before. Drom Beukes, owner of Somerby ... Read More »

Man on a Mission: Hunting with Danny Burton-Soldier, Businessman, Christian Leader, Avid Outdoorsman

Danny Burton African Safari

Memorial Day weekend presented Harold with time to reflect upon his dear friend and hunting companion, the late Danny Burton, who was a veteran, a hero, a sportsman without peer and a deeply spiritual man who gave back to his community in endless ways. Harold Smith and Danny Burton’s family provided the photos for this segment and shared stories about ... Read More »

Outdoor News: Shed Dog Hunting in Greenwood

World Champion Hunting Dog

Fastest Growing Dog Sport in the World: “Shed Dog Hunting” arrives in Greenwood It’s the dead of winter. Deer season has ended…even the archery season that lingers into February in these latitudes. You’ve put on weight through the holiday seasons. You’ve put our hunting dogs up as duck and quail and dove seasons have ended. It’s time to lose all ... Read More »

Wild Game from Five Continents at Backbone Mountain Hunting Ranch

Scimitar Oryx - formerly inhabited all of North Africa but now extinct in the wild.

Twenty miles from home, but, a world away! Hunting enthusiast Jerry Thompson of Cameron, Oklahoma bought some land for his own deer hunting pleasure. He had hunted on hunting ranches before and so when the ranch next door came up for sale, Jerry had an idea for eastern Oklahoma. The ranch next door turned out to be over a thousand ... Read More »

Outdoor News: Dallas Safari Club Expo

Dallas Safari Expo

*Editor’s Note: This segment is very popular with our readers. It is based upon interviews with Greenwood’s Harold and Patti Smith. They have traveled the world in search of big game in exotic locales and have collected trophies, photos and stories about foreign governments, tribal customs and deadly adventures. This is unique.  We know of no other news publication in ... Read More »

“As Deer Season ends, consider Texas” says Harold Smith

*Editor’s Note: Greenwood’s Patti and Harold Smith have traveled the world in search of big game and adventure. They are kind enough to share their stories, photos and the knowledge they have acquired about distant lands, foreign governments, tribal customs and wildlife with your editor for use in this popular segment that is unique in Arkansas. Few newspapers anywhere have ... Read More »

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