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Editorial for June 21st

Long Overdue Tributes There’s story on the front page and an ad on the back page in this issue about the upcoming rodeo in Greenwood. Kelly Hendrix is the subject of a salute for all his years of giving to this community and it’s nice that the Greenwood Round-Up Club is honoring Kelly this year. That’s long overdue. The Leaders, ... Read More »

The Looks of the Place

Opinion/Editorial for 4-26-17 The Looks of the Place There was a program through the Arkansas Economic Development Commission a few years back where they would send strangers into your town to photograph what visitors see when they come into town. The idea is that when you live here, you know what NOT to look at. You know where the pretty ... Read More »

Editorial 3/29/17

Editorial for March 29, 2017 Thank you for the kind remarks and greetings we have received on the last two issues. The Anniversary milestone is more a tribute to the community than to our stick-to-it-ness, we appreciate the local support and the kind remarks. It’s really a blessing to be able to make a living doing something we enjoy and ... Read More »

Editorial 3/8/17

Editorial for 3-8-17 Business in Greenwood and around our area faced the January blues right after Christmas. January is hard on everyone. Stores have to restock, shoppers are tired and those who aren’t tired are getting the bills for what they spent at Christmas. January is tough for business. Advertisers report that this year wasn’t so bad. Winter lasted only ... Read More »

Editorial 2/22/17

Editorial for February 22, 2017 Five years ago, Sabrina and I came to the conclusion that Greenwood needed a newspaper that was all about the good things happening here. It’s an interesting time to go into the newspaper business. Newspapers are closing all over this country. Big news comes on your phone, TV, computer or radio as it happens. Social ... Read More »

Editorial 1/25/17

Editorial for January 25, 2017 We welcome some new advertisers in the last few issues. Business is good in the River Valley. Every advertiser has told us that 2016 was a great year except for October 15 until Christmas shopping got everyone’s mind off of an election that created a big black hole in the fall. This year will see ... Read More »


Happy New Year! We hope your holidays have been as happy as ours. This begins our sixth year in publication we recommit to some of the basic tenets with which we began our publishing venture. These are basic facts… Family-friendly Hometown newspaper… First, there will always be a place for a hometown, home-owned, home focused newspaper even in this day ... Read More »

Editorial for January 28, 2014

Cure for January! “January is the longest month on the calendar.” I’ve heard that all my life. The bills from Christmas just keep coming. With no money left to get through January, what do you do for entertainment? Go see some Bulldog Basketball games and Wrestling matches. Baseball will be starting in March and Bulldogs in every sport deserve your ... Read More »

Editorial for October 22, 2014

Vote on the annexation as if the court system weren’t trying to take away your right to vote! For or against, the ballot box is the way these things should be handled. The ballots have already been printed. Absentee ballots mailed out and some have already been marked and returned. Now headlines confuse the issue about whether we can vote, ... Read More »

Editorial for July 30, 2014

Welcome Home Seniors of ’79! Towns grow. Good ones do. Last week there was a reunion of sorts for the GHS Graduating Class of 1979. Many of them still live around here, but the ones who returned after many years away enjoyed seeing new sights. I was asked to serve as their tour guide as I am only slightly older ... Read More »

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