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Business in Greenwood: Mid-Summer News. Business is Good in Our Area!

The River Valley has enjoyed a better economic climate than much of the state. Our advertisers say they are having a good year in business. Many of them report having a “banner year.” Sebastian and Crawford counties feared for many years the catastrophic impact of losing a major employer like Whirlpool. When it did happen, it happened gradually, allowing most of the displaced workers to seek employment elsewhere within the area or transfer out.

“Chaffee Crossing” represents the largest economic development project in Arkansas currently. Homes, apartments, industrial expansion-large and small-has contributed to a surprisingly strong economy in our area. That type economy makes investors feel secure in opening small businesses and expanding existing businesses. Store expansions, adding new lines and remodeling/upgrading facilities are everywhere hereabouts.

At home, shoppers are finding more of what they want and need in Greenwood. Not too many years ago, a new pair of blue jeans, a new sofa, a new mattress, upscale ladies clothing or fine antiques were items that could not be purchased in Greenwood. Now there are shops offering all this and more. Gift items, wedding registry, baby gifts and home décor items are readily available.

The sales of those items in Greenwood equates to sales tax collections that make amenities possible never dreamed of even ten years ago. Those amenities attract the type of newcomers who shop in local stores, open local stores and spend money that makes even more mercantilism possible. The cycle can be endless if shoppers remember the importance of shopping at home.

The River Valley area has car dealerships that are doing a big business just now and that can only mean that pricing is fair enough that car shoppers need not travel to Northwest Arkansas, Little rock or Tulsa to find the right vehicle at the right price. When the price is competitive, again, it is essential that money be spent at home.

The Greenwood Tradition reminds readers that shopping at home demonstrates shoppers’ loyalty to the area and benefits local business people, local schools, local government, local activities and charities. As we celebrate the mid-summer reminder of valuable rights and privileges made possible by others, remember that spending your money locally is a privilege made possible by local business people who have earned your patronage. Truly an American ideal and a Greenwood tradition!

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