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34th Annual Season of Entertainment at UA Fort Smith

Season of Entertainment 34” is the University’s yearlong lineup of national touring events, theatrical performances and dance competitions will feature: a Tony Award-winning musical, a musical adaptation of a classic novel, a live dancing competition and a host of other musical and theatrical productions like: “Anything Goes,” “Stomp” and “Jekyll and Hyde.” The season is highlighted, however, by a new show called “Dancing Pros Live,” a live dancing competition in which the audience picks the winner.

Stacey Jones, associate vice chancellor for campus and community events, said “Dancing Pros Live” will be an “incredible experience” for attendees.

“‘Dancing Pros Live’ is a unique and interactive show that audiences are going to love,” Jones said. “It will include professional dancers from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ competing against world-renowned dancers. It’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone who attends.”

The touring shows on the season schedule vary in both subject matter and format. “Stomp” is a stage show in which the performers use matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans and other paraphernalia as percussion instruments. “Jekyll and Hyde” adapts Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic gothic novel into a pop rock musical, and the classic comedy “Anything Goes” chronicles an ocean liner’s journey from New York to London.

“In terms of touring shows, this is one of the best lineups we’ve had in years. I’m really excited for it,” Jones said. “Both ‘Stomp’ and ‘Dancing Pros Live’ bring a lot of variety to this year’s season.”

Additionally, UAFS musical groups will present six performances throughout the year, and Theatre @ UAFS will also put on two shows — an original production and a Shakespeare play — as part of the season schedule.

Season tickets are $180 and go on sale August 1st at the UAFS Box Office in the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center, 479-788-7300. Individual show tickets go on sale September 1st The season runs from October 14 through April 14.

 The complete Season 34 schedule includes:

 Oct. 14: UAFS Choral Concert.

 Oct. 16-18: Theatre @ UAFS original production.

 Oct. 27: National Touring Event — “Anything Goes.”

 Nov. 4: Symphonic Band Concert.

 Nov. 20: UAFS Jazz Concert.

 Dec. 1: Season’s Greetings concert.

 Jan. 28: National Touring Event — “Dancing Pros Live.”

 Feb. 12-14, 20-21: Theatre @ UAFS production.

 Feb. 23: National Touring Event — “Jekyll and Hyde.”

 March 5: UAFS Musical Theatre production.

 March 31: Symphonic Band Concert.

 April 9: National Touring Event — “Stomp.”

 April 14: UAFS Jazz Concert.

 For more information or to reserve tickets, call 479-788-7300.

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